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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Sea monsters interest me so much, the final frontier is one of my greatest interests.

Froid and Religion

Froid’s theory’s can be related to the bible, as in most cases, the bible makes sense of the questions you have (preaching to the undecided), and in many cases is what you were raised to believe. I’m not saying that his theories are what you are raised to believe, but the bible on the other hand has been with many children since birth. So, by hearing this and over time agreeing with it more and more you in the process becoming very ignorant, and one sided, without even knowing. (note that being raised and developing the “super ego” (what society tells you NOT to do) in relevance to Froid's theories.

Romantic Marriage Proven Best

              Marriage has long been the institution for raising healthy children and each culture has its own variation to this sacred bond. Although illegal in many parts of the world, marriages which do not follow the one man one woman relationship still exist.  Romantic marriage which allows individuals to freely express their love for one another is the preferable marriage in Western cultures of North America and Europe. Romantic marriage permits freedom of choice, diversely flexible economy, and healthy living conditions for raising a family, making it the best model for a successful relationship.

              Romantic marriage has developed from the growing availability to have individual rights and freedoms. Marrying under the conditions of others, such as in an arranged marriage or a marriage with an unequal amount of genders, removes independence from the persons involved. Arranged marriages for example disallow choice from individuals to select their own spouse. Instead, children’s parents are given the duty to choose, as they claim ownership over the child and its future. Several complications can become present in this model of marriage as children often times feel controlled and in their disparity take drastic action by running away from home, or in more extreme cases, committing suicide. Taking a shot in the dark with marriage is not in the best interest for the child or the relationship it is expected to endure for the rest of its life. Polygamy, meaning many marriages, which involve one sex bonded to multiple others, also lacks the freedom of romantic marriages. Favouritism among spouses enables opinions to be shoved to the gutter, disabling freedoms expected from the people voicing said opinions. The more individuals involved in one relationship, the more conflicts are sure to arise as human emotion such as jealousy intervene with the health and stability of the marriage. Romantic marriage on the other hand, strictly involving two persons, offers individuals a wide variety of options, permitting them to wed outside of their social and economic class if they so choose. For these reasons, becoming bonded in a romantic marriage is the paradigm for a healthy marriage.

Economics, the second most important motive for getting married, is typically diverse and flexible amongst romantic marriages. Love is more important than wealth to the majority of people marrying into romantic marriages, and thus places money second in within their system of values. When wealth is placed as the number one reason for marriage, complications are more likely. In polygamy relationships, where the male is expected to control the family’s wealth, females experience a feeling of unimportance and lack of control. Problems within traditionally arranged marriages involving wealth are also uniquely possible, some of which more obvious than others. If someone marries into a relationship where strong hatred is shared between the couple, it is doubtful that they will care to share their family’s wealth. Class diversity is also a problem in arranged marriages, as they were first established to preserve a family’s wealth. By choosing an equally wealthy person to wed their child, parents effectively eliminate all chance of the less fortunate marrying into a better life. The rich get richer as the poor get poorer. Romantic marriages, diverse in economic status help distribute the wealth among citizens, and put love before wealth, further proving it to be the best model for a healthy relationship.

Marriage is an institution of family, with the primary purpose of procreation, which romantic love is the best suited model for. Having one male and one female role model is the healthiest way for a child to develop its values and skills. One might argue that the divorce rate among romantic couples would hinder its ability to raise a child; nevertheless, every relationship model has problems. It is possible that the rate of separation in romantic marriages is so high due to the availability of the practice, unlike non-western cultures where marriages traditionally arranged by the parents being broken would be seen as disrespectful. How many arranged marriages are there unbroken, due to expense, social frowning upon, or the possibility of parental disownment? If this is the case for the low divorce rate among traditionally arranged marriages then a vast majority of unsatisfied people are raising children to believe that preserving economic status is more important than happiness. Polygamous marriages also pose raise child raising flaws. An uneven ratio of males to females influences the developing minds of children possibly giving a bias of gender importance. Romantic marriages reduce the possibility of raising a sexist baby by having one male and one female role model. Given reasons stated, prove romantic love, leading to the marriage of a family to be the best model for raising children.

The battle of the marital models is not a matter of finding the perfect marriage as no such thing exists. Rather, it is an interest of finding the marriage best suited to the culture of the individuals raised in. One from a western culture would be expected to peruse the marital system his or her culture has adapted itself to.  Due to romantic marriages favorable advantages to that of an individual in Western culture, it is proven to be the best in Europe and North America.  The westernization of many cultures is causing polygamous and arranged marriages to dissipate from several countries.  Marriage is now leaning toward the purpose of love, rather than property, and it shows in the amount of romantic marriages held annually. Romantic marriage is the best model for a healthy relationship.